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Posted by DOJIMADOG - July 28th, 2023

to start this off and clarify, i originally posted this in a forum post but nobody saw it so i thought it might suit better here lol

the canada NG events and meetups have been super cool to watch from afar, and it's been super dope seeing everyone's receptions and seeing everyone finally meet these goobers they've been interacting with on this website for months or years, and it had me thinking that it'd be dope for U.S folks or people closer to get a similar opportunity

i was talking about the idea with my boys @JordoPriceNG and @bb-panzu a few weeks ago, i love seeing these meetups and i think it'd be a great opportunity for even more NG folk to get together by hosting a meetup somewhere in america, but the question is where?!?!?!

from snooping around, ive acquired LA and atlanta are popular choices, especially LA for planning stuff around anime expo, but i'm also super curious if anyone would have any other suggestions for where a hypothetical meetup could take place, and if you'd be interested in coming!!!! the more the merrier

where do YOU think would be cool to hang out at?!?! anyone and everyone's thoughts n opinions would be super appreciated since im really curious teehee


Posted by DOJIMADOG - December 25th, 2022

BAR-I-TONE update is out!!!!

I wanted to start off saying thank you to all the kind folks who gave BAR-I-TONE a warm reception and criticisms, feedbacks, etc. :) and merry christmas!!!!!!!

It means a lot since it's my first real NG project (and first successful gamedev attempt!), it's been super fun fuckin' around with the team and making content for it. We're probably done with it for now, but again, thanks to everyone who played and reviewed it!!!!!! we wanted to add a lil sumn extra cuz we saw some interest in expanding upon the concept and fixing some kinks wit da gameplay

Moving on, the update is now playable here on NG and features a cameo (thank you Jack!!!) with the Dead Estate crew!! play it now here on Newgrounds!!: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/865333

And lastly, a desktop build is available here on itch.io: https://dojimadog.itch.io/bar-i-tone



Posted by DOJIMADOG - December 6th, 2022

hihi!!! this is pip here teehee

first i wanted to thank u all for the overwhelming support on BAR-I-TONE!!!! it's been super fun seeing people's reactions to our lil' gamejam thing and i've been getting a lot of ppl asking me abt wanting to do more with the concept or add more songs or etc.

we're gonna drop an update later dis month with sum extra songs, some bogus shit like messin with inputs and overall making the process of hitting notes less confusing and easier to read heheh

once we're thru with that, we'll drop a simultaneous desktop build w/ the update, we were initially gonna patch a few things up immediately after the gamejam release but we figured it'd be better to just take our time and throw in whatever new things we wanna add while we're at it

i dunno if we're planning on taking the game any further than this, we jus wanted to fix some of the problems and add some new stuff for the people craving some more goofy alcoholic ryhthm gaming, so thank u all again for the support!!!!!!! peace out iu_830355_8589086.webp